Beginning a bathroom remodel can be a very taxing project. Our bathroom needs to be functional, yet be a place of tranquility and relaxation. That’s a lot to roll into a bathroom remodel. Often times we see a bathroom remodel in an article, friend’s house, or even on a television show. These can be used as a source for inspiration for your bathroom remodel. ZCI Construction Company can take your idea and build your dream bathroom. Can you imagine entering the bathroom of your dreams, the place of peace you have always wanted everyday! Whether you are keeping the bathroom the same size or you’re extending your bathroom into a luxurious dream space, ZCI Construction Company is the contractor for your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel

How It Works

Any remodeling process can be taxing for the client and contractor. Below outlines the main reasons we can focus on, allowing us to see the end mutual goal!


ZCI Construction Company can bring to life your ideal bathroom remodel. Shaping the bathroom you have dreamed of into a reality! A bathroom remodel can be as simple as updating existing fixtures, tiles, and flooring, or as extreme as redesigning the entire space. Do you only have a shower now, but have always dreamed of that claw foot bathtub on a platform in the corner? The possibilities for your bathroom remodel will only be limited to the space that you have available, and the expense involved to keep things in your budget. Consider multiple shower heads, retro glass doors for added ambiance, even a privacy stone wall. Your bathroom remodeling possibilities are endless if you have the space. Smaller bathrooms could use a smaller more efficient vanity to create more space; floating shelves to give more floor space can also do wonders for those smaller spaces. No matter what size your bathroom is ZCI will do our best to give you all the things you want.


When our clients decide to update or remodel any part of their home, bathrooms are definitely an area that will be a value adding space. A bathroom remodel or makeover, can save you money utilizing energy efficient newer technology, as well as add value when selling your home. The bathroom is an area of tranquility and relaxation so having your dream tub, gorgeous lighting, to give you that ambiance you crave, even the wall to wall custom vanity can add huge value to an ordinary space. If you can think of any features that you would like to have, just let ZCI Construction Company know. We will do our best to remodel your bathroom as glorious as you can dream it.


Losing a bathroom during the process of a remodel can be challenging. ZCI Construction Company will work with you, to make the remodel go as easy as possible. We advise you to put the bathroom that you are having remodeled out of your mind and try to train yourselves to operate on one bathroom until the new one is finished. There will be dust, tools and this can become frustrating. Rest assured that ZCI Construction Company understands, and we take every preventative measure to keep your home clean and get this remodel done as quickly as possible. 


Your home is the most valued investment you have, so when you are wanting to customize a new home, construct an addition, or remodel an existing residence—you will be looking for a professional. That’s where we come in. Our goal at ZCI is to always go above and beyond, proving that you made the right choice for your project. The builder and general contractor services that we offer are centered around the golden rule: “Do to others as you would want them to do to you,” which is why we put professionalism, relationship, quality and efficiency at the fore-front. No matter how small or large the job is, we believe every customer has great importance, and we want to always treat you that way.

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