South Tampa Construction Company

South Tampa Construction Company

Zentkovich Construction, your South Tampa construction company is not your average construction company located in the Tampa Bay area. We don’t just come in, pour concrete, build walls, install a roof, finish the project, and leave. Rather we work on building lasting relationships with our clients, customers, and friends. When you’re seeking a South Tampa Construction Company for your next project, ask yourself this; how many people will I have to deal with to have my project completed? Let’s take a look at that answer, and what it should be.

When seeking a construction company for your next Tampa building project, the answer to how many people/companies you should have to deal with should be one! We do not just build our projects here at Zentkovich Construction Company, rather we start from the designing table. We can design your next project to your specifications. We work with you to create your dream project, or your next dream home, we design your idea, we draw up the blueprints, and then once everything has been approved by you we begin. We will first get the permits needed for your project, and then we can begin working on your dream home, or dream project.

Benefits to working with one company

Why is this beneficial? Have you had a conversation with one person, then tried to relay the story exactly to another person. Many times, when calling places, we have to explain something to one person, only to be put on hold, and then explain it to another person, only to be put on hold and then explain it to another person. Now I know we have all been there, but when it comes to your next South Tampa Construction Company that you choose, Zentkovich is the answer. You deal with us, not us and multiple other companies. We can handle all of your project needs from start to finish.

Our focus as a South Tampa construction company is not to just build your dream home, but build a home that is everyone’s dream. Maybe you have a project that you have wanted completed, but cannot find the right company, with enough experience to handle it. Maybe you just don’t know who to trust, or where to turn. Well look no further. Zentkovich Construction Company can handle any project you can dream. We make it a practice of ours to turn dream homes into reality.

Located just outside Tampa Bay, we have quick access to the entire Tampa Bay area to best serve you, make sure you contact us right away to begin your project!

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