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Zentkovich construction strives to be the best Brandon home builder in the Tampa area. We do not just build homes, but we also design custom homes in the Brandon area. When you come to Zentkovich Construction to have your custom home built, we will take your Brandon home build from idea, to blueprint drawing. Yes we draw up our own blueprints in house, the old fashioned way, with years of experience and expertise. We then take your Brandon home build, to concept, and finally we make it a reality. We will pull the permits and take all the necessary steps to finish the project of your dreams. We have worked in the Brandon area for more than 30 years, and have the experience that other custom home builders do not.

brandon home builder

custom built home

custom built home

custom built home

ZCI Construction Company doesn’t look at it as just building a home, but rather it is our pleasure to help build your dream homes. There is no greater satisfaction then when a client’s custom home is done and they absolutely love it. We understand that the idea of a custom built home appeals to thousands of people. When you are looking at houses to buy, you find homes that are close to what you want but something always seems to be missing. Often times there are many things you would like to change. At ZCI Construction Company a custom built home offers you the clean slate you truly want to design your home exactly the way you want it.  

Brandon Custom Homes

Have you ever purchased a home? Do you understand the life long commitment that it has become? Years ago you could have your average home built, by your average Brandon home builder, and that was ok. But now, home buying has changed. It is not easy to attain a mortgage, and a lot of families rent rather than own. Market changes cause home owning to be a very serious deal. Then when you own your home, second mortgages, or equity lines of credit are almost impossible to attain unless you do not need them. Buying a home is a serious deal, and we want to make sure that you are buying the home of your dreams. Zentkovich Construction Company can be your Brandon Home Builder.

Custom Home Builder

When building a custom home in the Brandon area, do you know all the details that need to be considered? Of course not, and that is why you pay a custom Brandon Home Builder. But unlike many other companies, we do not just build your home. When you choose Zentkovich Construction Company for your next custom home build, we take your project from idea, to reality.

Do not delay, when it comes to home building, Zentkovich has the experience you need for your next custom home project.


Your home is the most valued investment you have, so when you are wanting to customize a new home, construct an addition, or remodel an existing residence—you will be looking for a professional. That’s where we come in. Our goal at ZCI is to always go above and beyond, proving that you made the right choice for your project. The builder and general contractor services that we offer are centered around the golden rule: “Do to others as you would want them to do to you,” which is why we put professionalism, relationship, quality and efficiency at the fore-front. No matter how small or large the job is, we believe every customer has great importance, and we want to always treat you that way.

custom built home

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custom built home

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